Corset Workshop

Victorian Period Corset Making, 9.30am - 4.30pm, in Exmouth, 95 (includes materials). This workshop can be booked on any Wednesday, Friday or Saturday for a full day.

A chance for 4/5 students to make a real waist reducing corset. This is different from a boned bodice as this a figure changing garment with a busk front closure, back lacing and steel boning that can reduce your waist measurement by two to four inches depending on your 'squishability' and give good bust support. Corset kits are included and will need to be ordered at least two weeks in advance of the workshop date. This is a very intensive day and good machine skills are required for this workshop as nearly all stitching lines will be visible. This smaller workshop will enable students to have more individual attention whilst being guided through the construction method for the corset.

You can find an enrolment form here for the Exmouth workshop or call 01395 263343

Following is a list of items that you will need to bring with you to the workshop:

Course requirements - this needs to be ordered two weeks in advance of the workshop in order for the materials to arrive in time;
I will supply the kit of the materials from which you will be able to make your corset so you will need to let me know whether you would like a black or white coutil lining. All of the following items are included in the cost of the workshop, corset coutil, pattern, busk, spiral and flat steel bones, busk awl, bone casings, lacing cord, eyelets and fabric glue.

Most of these items are not available to buy in local shops so I thought that for this workshop it would be easier for everyone if I source everything for you to be sure that you have what you need and give you the details of where you can get them when you want to make another one. I also have eyelet setting pliers which can be used to make the holes that the eyelets insert into and with the interchangeable tips can also set the eyelet and washer. These pliers save a lot of hammering if you are using the eyelet kit alone and will do a much quicker and neater job. The pliers are 12 a pair.

All the tea you can drink!